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Going for Healthy Life Style

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I found ATP Zeta Program under Agape Superior Living which I think u should try for your health. The products are in powder and liquid forms. 

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The ATP Zeta Program is in five parts. 

1. ATP 1 : A total nutrient package

  • Stimulates instant bio-energy production at cellular level to ensure sufficient supply of bio energy to body cell to keep the body cell: Vitality: Keep the body fresh, energetic and relieves tiredness ; Mentality: Promotes better concentration, improves memory and learning. 
  • Promotes better metabolism at cellular level to enhance: Enhances the body health status. Speeds up the fat burning in body to prevent obesity. 
  • Promotes healthy and optimal growth of children: Promotes better growth of bone system and teeth structure. Promotes better growth of muscle tissue.
  • Improves the digestion and nutrient absorption powers of body cell.
2. ATP 2 : A unique contribution of H2 and O2
  • ATP2 Energized Mineral Concentrate provides a series of enzymes which helps to break down the toxins and by- product to promote cellular detoxification and better blood circulation through removing wastes from body.
  • Promotes better detoxification at cellular level thus to improve blood circulation and oxygenates blood and body cells. This is the key to enhance normal cellular metabolism towards a total health balance.
  • Enhance energy production to reduce tiredness and keep the body energetic.
  • Creates a high oxygen environment which able to prevent the growth of harmful bacteria thus to minimize inflammatory of infection diseases.
  • Neutralizes the excessive of free radical in body to protect body cell from damage due to oxidation reactions.

3. ATP 3 : Ionic Magnesium and Calcium
  • Strengthens the bone system and promotes better bone development. Furthermore, it also prevents calcium losing and prevents osteoporosis.
  •  Strengthens the teeth structure and prevent teeth damaged.
  • Provides abundant of ionic trace minerals to prevent chronic diseases through:
    Promotes better blood circulation to stabilize blood pressure.
    As buffer which play an import role in acid-base regulation (Blood pH7.25 - 7.45).
    Promotes better relaxing of center nerves system and enhances sleep quality.
    Promotes better relaxing of muscle to prevent muscle sore and cramps.

4. ATP 4 : Essential Fatty Acids
  • Regulates Cholesterol and triglycerides levels to promote better blood circulation. This is the basic prevention way to reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases such as artery blockage and strokes.
  • Omega 2 helps to eliminate inflammatory and promotes better cell repairing.
  • Omega 3 and Omega 6 helps to regulate hormone production and regulation in body. The balancing of hormones secretions promotes better cell repairing and improves the skin healthy.
  • Essential fatty acids such as DHA can promotes healthy growth of brain cell which can increases the memory and concentration powers thus improve the learning ability among the children.

5. ATP 5 : A powerful Immune-stimulant
  • Strengthens the function of immune cells to build up better immune response of body for: External Protection Activated immune cell such as macrophage and T cells can eliminates virus and bacteria which attacked to body cell to prevent infection or communicable diseases.
  • Internal Protection: Activated immune cells such as macrophage and natural killers can eliminates abnormal cell (cancer cell) and aging cell in body to prevent tumor formation in body. This is very important to reduce the risk of cancer and tumor in body.
  • Beta-1, 3 glucan promotes better cell repairing and prevents inflammatory which play important role in wound healing. It can speed up the wound healing process. Beta 1,3 glucan enhances the function of immune cell to protect body cell from damage due to radiation effects. Prevents faster absorption of sugar into bloodstream to normalize blood sugar level.

Other products: 
-Vege-Fruit Fibre
-AGP1 Iron
-Young Formula

Vege Fruit Fibre

Do you face difficulties to go to toilet?
Do you take three types of vegetable and two types of fruits daily?
Do you keep sitting longer than standing every day?
Have you been skipping exercise due to busy schedule?
Do you often feel tired and sleepy?
Is your shirt bought last month too tight for you now?
Is your skin darkening and losing of elasticity?
Do you experience increasing of blood pressure, sugar and cholesterol level?

Vege Fruit Fibre provides a series and complete tools to promote better detoxification at gastro intestinal level. Vege Fruit Fibre provides:

Fibre: bulking and removes the wastes which accumulated at gastro intestinal. Furthermore, its helps regulate blood sugar and cholesterol levels to prevent cardiovascular diseases.

Friendly bacteria: Maintains the balancing of micro-flora in gastro intestinal. Besides, it’s helps to synthesis B complex and prevent inflammatory.

Enzymes: Promotes better food digestion and better nutrient absorption at cellular level.

Fructose Oligosaccharide: Food for friend bacteria and prevents constipation. 

Main Benefits:
  • Promotes better bowel movement and prevents constipation. 
  • Removes accumulated toxins to prevent skin diseases and promote healthy skin. 
  • Prevents rapid absorption of sugar into bloodstream & normalize the blood sugar level. Prevents over absorption of fat and bad cholesterol into body to prevent cardiovascular diseases. 
  • Reduces food intake to achieve an idea weight management.
  • Prevents ulcer and tumor or cancer formation. 

AGP1 Iron
Iron is one of the major minerals to maintain optimum health. Iron plays an important role in hemoglobin production to improve blood circulation. Therefore, red blood cell is the main source of iron in body. Iron deficiency can increases the risk of plenty of body system disorders such as tiredness, weakness, dizzy, irregular heart beat etc.

Main Benefits:
  • Promotion better hemoglobin production to improve iron deficiency anemia. This is the basic way to minimize the risk of iron deficiency and reduce the sign & symptoms such as dizzy, tiredness, migraine etc.
  • Improve blood circulation and prevent some oxygen deficiency symptoms such as tiredness, numbness and cramps through:
  • Enhance oxygen and nutrient circulation: to promote better energy production and relief tired, improves concentration and memory power.
  • Enhance toxins excretion: promotes better cellular and blood detoxification to remove wastes and toxins from body through renal and liver.
  • Promotes hemoglobin production after bleeding especially after menstrual and accidental bleedings.

Young Formula
The aging is natural process and getting worst during us getting older in life. The environmental pollutions, unbalance of diet intake and unhealthy lifestyle are the main factors to cause pre-mature aging. Therefore, a proper and healthy diet and lifestyle is
the basic key to revitalize the body and keep the body young and beauty always!

Main Benefits:
  • Stimulates the production of collagen to restore skin elasticity and reduces wrinkles.
  • Reduces pigmentation and spots on face.
  • Stimulates hair re-growth and color restoration.
  • Improves pre-menopause symptoms (PMS) such as insomnia, mood swings & poor power vision.

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