Wednesday, 26 September 2012



爱美是每一个人的天性。 美丽不一定要花大钱。 想要拥有亮丽和美丽的肌肤, 其实一点也不难! 提供皮肤所需的养份, 维持皮肤的水份, 促进更好的细胞修复和再生, 要有亮丽和美丽的皮肤不再是梦想!

在家里常用的香皂、洗发精和沐浴露及 家人每天使用的护肤产品、化妆品或是 香水等都可能在日后让你患上癌症!

许多洁肤和护肤产品都含有人造化学物 质,其成份容易引起过敏、干燥、红肿 等皮肤问题,甚至引起皮肤发炎和皮肤 过敏 !

纯天然有机,是你皮肤最佳的洁肤皂。 它含有澳大利亚认证最纯的有机植物精油, 是优质和天然的润肤剂。 它不但保持皮肤的柔嫩,更促进皮肤的亮丽和光泽。 此外,它具有抗炎和抗菌的作用,能够减轻皮肤发痒 和发炎状况,是干性皮肤和皮肤过敏者最佳的洁肤皂。

Manufacturer in Australia

  1. 不含化学性添加剂和动物成份。
  2. 完全纯天然有机的成份和有机制作标准。
  3. 完全适合敏感性皮肤和头皮使用。
  4. 物超所值。
  1. 轻轻以画圆圈按摩方式擦拭全身。
  2. 然后用清水洗净。
  3. 使用后,将洁肤皂晾干。

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Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Organic Youth Care Cleansing Bar

Did you know that some soaps, hair shampoos, body washes, skin care products even fragrance which we use daily may cause cancer someday?

Many skin care products contain artificial chemicals which may cause skin allergy, dry skin, and rashes and increase the risk of dermatitis and skin cancers!

Organic Youth Care Cleansing Bar is natural & organic to any skin types. It contains organic certified and the purest of plant base essential oils, as the best natural moisturizer for your skin. It can leave the skin feeling soft, and keep skin looking healthy and radiant. Furthermore, the anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial   properties of Cleansing Bar can relieve the effects of itching and inflammation of skin especially for those have dry and sensitive skins.
Organic Youth Care Cleansing Bar is biodegradable which friendly to environment. Give your skin an excellent protection care & enjoy your organic life.
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